Our House, Lake of the Woods, MN

“It’s a vacation back to ’70s…an undiscovered band from the ’60s-’70s.” – Billy Stull (Legendary Producer of dozens of big name artists, Owner of Masterpiece Mastering and Legendary Audio)
“CDs are filled with musical joy and musicianship!” – Artie Ripp (Legendary Producer & “Navigator” for dozens of bands with Top 40 hits, Founder/Owner of Kama Sutra Productions, Buddah Records, Family Productions Records, Fidelity Studios in Studio City, CA, and Ripp Entertainment Group, Inc.)
“Our House, LofW, MN represents something pure friends with the luxury of making music together solely for fun and fellowship.” – Al Staehely (Songwriter/Singer/Musician for the legendary band Spirit, Staeheley Bros. and others)
“Having written a cache of what could have been rock classics, this ’70s international garage band went totally under the radar.” – Cliff Stepp (Singer/Songwriter, music promotions)
“They are a great representation of the musical fabric of the ’60s.” – Debbie Clark (Managing Director for Home Grown Music/BMI, Sommersongs Music Co./BMI, Artphyl Music/ASCAP, RippArthur Music/ASCAP)
On The Roof

A Remarkable Story

An “international garage band” (from Indonesia, Haiti, and 5 States) that formed on the Canadian/U.S. border in the early 70’s...decided (after 43 years!) to FINISH...and for the first time release...an entire box set of power rock-ballads they had written and recorded. The band’s name is the address of the infamous party house where they lived and recorded; Our House, Lake of the Woods, MN. The original tapes were recently discovered, remixed and remastered in Houston, TX.

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All music was recorded 1971-1976.
Additional vocals and musicians were added to The Lost Tapes series.

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Welcome to The Party-Pt1
Volume 4 Part one

Welcome to The Party, You’re Still Within Me, House of Fire, Outside/Inside, Live Your Dreams (Forever), Yesterday’s Gone, Willow Tree, Life Never Fading, Tostados, Ba-Laow (The Movie Theme), Help Me—Live, Bemidji Run—Live

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Welcome to The Party-Pt2
Volume 5 Part Two

Lady M’Lite–Remix, NOW, Everybody’s Day, Chemical Queen—Remix, All I Wanna Be—Live, Look to the Skies, Move a Little Closer, Kent State Dream—Remix, Keeper of the Keys, I Really Love You, This Void Is Filled By Me, Mama Told Me—Live, Welcome to The Party—Reprise

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Minnesota Nights
Volume 6

Yesterday of My Dreams, Shadows of the Night—Remix, Lilly White, It’s Only Money, Teotihuacán, Turnaway—Remix, Lovely Lady, Gonna Miss You Tomorrow, The Hole of Madrid, Olé, Life Is Real, InterGalactic Symphony—1st, 2nd & 3rd Movements, Valentines, Pongo The Wonder Dog—Live

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Our House Live
Volume 1 (not available)

Do What You Like— Introductions, Wooden Ships, Today, Atlanta Station, Helplessly Hoping, White Bird, Angel, Hey Joe, Me and Bobby McGee, Woodstock, Locomotive Breath, Helpless, Can’t Find My Way Home, Do What You Like—Sign-Off

Pongo the Wonder Dog
Volume 2 (special request)

Pongo The Wonder Dog, Time, Lady M’Lite, Kent State Dream, Four Walls, Bemidji Run, Rain, Baudette Blues, Linda Jo, Love Me (As You Loved Me Then), Mama Told Me, Happy Fingers, Chemical Queen, Shadows of the Night, Morning Will Again, Filipino Rag, Lemon Can’t, Find a Date, Survival, Pongo The Wonder Dog—Reprise

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LIVE: Searching for Lemon
Volume 3 (special request)

Turnaway, I Wonder Why, Hinds’ Blues, Near to Me, Alone in a Crowd, In De Land of De Bull, Biagio Karens, Times, Got Those OT (Overtime) Blues Again Mama, Too Many People, Joe’s Bongo Gig, He Rides in De Night, Chuck’s Breakdown, Can’t See You Tonight

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